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Driving Cameras and Black Box Recorders

Posted on by Spencer Gruskin

Driving Cameras and Black Box Recorders

BlackVue is a vehicle drive recorder designed to record all video images with various recording features while driving or parking. Experience the power of advanced parking mode using motion detection technology. When parking mode is enabled, the memory is used efficiently and a recording is only made if movement or an impact is detected. It also saves high quality H.264 video images with or without voice on to a micro SD memory card that comes FREE with BlackVue

BlackVue DR300G – GPS Version

The first Designer Video Black Box Recorder, Ideal for all applications such as law enforcement, haulers, taxi private cars, insurance premium discount and ,much more
Blackvue is easily installed in a few minutes into any vehicle, with its sticky window pad it can be mounted to any window
When parking mode is enabled, the memory is used efficiently and a recording is only made if a motion in the video is detected or an impact is detected by the G-sensor.
When parking mode is enabled, the memory is used efficiently and a recording is only made if a motion in the video is detected or an impact is detected by the G-sensor.

A continues recording can be made up to 8 hours with the Free 4gb memory card included the camera, When the motion detection parking mode is used the camera uses its memory more efficiently and may record up to 3 days on the 4gb card


There are many good reasons for drivers to install a Drive Recorder system in your vehicle. 
Whether you are a private car user, taxi driver, road haulage driver or a fleet manager 
looking to cut running costs, there are many reasons to consider installing such a device in your vehicle. 

• Provides irrefutable evidence in the event of a road traffic accident. 
• In a no fault accident it can potentially save the excess costs on the driver’s policy which could typically 

by £250 for private cars or up to £1000 for HGV vehicles. • Reduces the time taken to settle a claim.
 Saves protracted lengthy claims when no evidence is available.
 Proven reductions in unsafe driving behaviour

 Has been proven to modify driver behaviour.
 Reduces fleet costs and ensures drivers are abiding by company rules.
 Can be fitted in minutes by any user, or fitted professionally.
 A single memory card can hold days of video and GPS data and specific events
 GPS Data clearly shows vehicle speed before, during and after any event or accident.
 GPS Mapping overlay using Google Earth shows exactly where the vehicle has been.

Insurance benefits – 
Cheaper Insurance for Vehicle Drivers

In light of the recent EU ruling regarding sex discrimination regarding car premiums, insurance 

companies are now saying that they will have to evaluate risk based on “Black Boxes” or more commonly referred to as Driver Recorders.
Insurance companies know that by cutting the number and cost of accidents means lower premiums for all. 
By installing BlackVue will result in reduced claims costs if involved in a no fault accident. Some insurance companies now offer substantial discounts for drivers that have these products installed within their 

The BlackVue will give the exact time and location of any incident as well as displaying high quality video footage of the view through the windscreen and the speed at which a vehicle was travelling. This makes BlackVue the irrefutable source of evidence in insurance claims, including any staged accidents referred
 to as ‘Crash for Cash’ incidents.

Fitting & Costs

We offer a onsite fitting service at home or work 6 days a week in and around essex and east london

Supplied and fitted £235 inc vat

For more information or to order Call 07811 281874 or see WEBSITE FOR MORE INFORMATION 


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