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Keeping Your Car Safe

Posted on by Lewis
  With the massive rise in keyless car crime due to thieves using Signal boosters to trick the car into thinking its keys are near the car, how can you protect your car…??
There is various method of protection to keep your car safe from a simple £5 product to advance electronics but the more level of security the safer your car is!!

Stop your car starting with an Immobiliser

The Autowatch Ghost is a digital immobiliser that will only allow the car to start when a secret code is entered via the cars own buttons i.e. steering wheel, windows, electric mirrors buttons, unless this code is enter the car will never start, the Ghost can not be scanned, hacked bypassed, its indicatable from computers including dealers own systems. So if car thieves copy keys, clone keys, boost the keys signal it will not start ever even with the genuine keys present . no code … no start for more information click here    

Know where your car is with a tracker

But what tracker is right for your car, quick often a insurance company will advise to get a tracker fitted, but there are different levels of tracking devices required for different cars depending on the type of car you have, we have seen on many occasions a insurance company recommend a level of tracker that will not protect that make and model of vehicle, we will advise what tracker for what car, all our insurance approved trackers fro metatrak and smartrack meet Thatcham level of Cat S7 and S5 and S5plus which have replaced Cat 6 and Cat 5    

Visual deterrent

Disk Lock / Crook Lock, a theft will always go for an easy option, so if 1 car has a Big Bright insurance approved disk lock and another car in the same street hasn’t the car without will always be the easy option, but be careful where you purchase them from as we have seen fake and copied keys when bought from internet action sites, always buy from an approved seller on line or from shop  

Stop your car being opened.

Placing your keys in a RF ID pouch will prevent the signal being boosted, also make sure both sets of keys are protected

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