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London Taxi Cab Stolen For There Engine

Posted on by Spencer Gruskin

Emissions compliance vs Stolen Taxi

A manufacturer of London taxis, Manganese Bronze, is being hit by dramatically reduced sales for the last three months.

They have been losing money manufacturing the London taxi for Licensed Londo

Sales in October are “following a similar trend”.n Taxi Drivers for some time and UK sales are down nearly 9% on last year in the quarter to September 30. There has been a 7.5% drop on 2010 for the year so far.

Manganese has held margins and increased its dominant share of the London cab market from 79% to 81%.

But a large order from Azerbaijan for 1000 taxis in Baku has helped nearly treble its international sales this year.

Next London sales will benefit from new rules at Transport for London which clamps down on pollution. Any London taxis more than 15 years old will disappear.

I understand that many Licensed London Taxi Drivers are reluctant to buy black cabs from Manganese Bronze as they are very expensive, reliability is an issue and some engines fail at 1

00,000 miles or just after the warranty has expired, costing £5,000 to replace.

Licensed London Taxi Drivers want to be able to buy much cheaper London Taxis that are available elsewhere but TfL will not drop the

turning circle requirement from the COF that no other council now requires.

Many Licensed London Taxi Drivers feel they are being held to ransom by TfL and claim TfL is not fit for purpose. I tend to agree. TfL also regulate Private Hire Operators and Private Hire Drivers or minicab drivers as they are also known

Transport for London has begun a search for a sponsor to partner in the creation of a Cleaner Taxi fund, which will subsidise the replacement of new Euro 5 compliant London taxis.

Following the implementation of the Air Quality Strategy, London Mayor Boris Johnson aims to reduce air pollution and harmful emissions within the city over a two-year-period.

This will see London taxis switch to purchasing new Euro 5 taxis, which produce less emissions, with the aid of subsidisation as a 15 year age limit is introduced on the vehicles.

A chosen sponsor will be given high visible exposure to tens of millions of residents within the city with exclusive rights to place their branding on the 350 new taxis, as well as having naming rights of the scheme and a joint launch of the scheme.

As a result of this more and more taxi cabs are being stolen for there parts and euro 5 engines

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