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Parking Sensors With Displays

Posted on by Spencer Gruskin

Steelmate offer a wide range of visual displays for auidubal sensor range, we are able to fit Slim line displays that car mount discreetly mounted on the dashboard or rear view mirror or rear roof lining

  • PTS400i – Rear 4 Sensors kit with rear roof mounted display available in cream or black

  • PTS400M5 – Rear 4 Sensors kit with Slim display in black, can be mounted either on the rear roof, parcel shelf, dashboard or rear view mirror

  • PTS400Q3 – Displays are also available with distance show in bars and number, also can be mounted rear roof, parcel shelf, dashboard and rear view mirror

Does you car have factory fitted rear sensor only, at EIS we can fit factory looking front sensor kits with or with displays

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