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Remote Immobilisation Tracker


Our trackers with the remote immobilisation feature, is ideal for vehicle / rental companies and high end sports car that need the ability to immobilise there cars when customer dont pay or dont return vehicles on time


Starting from as little as 54p a day rental, even includes a lifetime warranty and a free unit

Just a simple command sent from a authorised phone or pc will activate the trackers immobilisation feature on that vehicle prevent it starting, the command can be sent from anywhere in the world to the trackers, and a confirmation message is sent back to confirm he vehicle will no longer be able to start







See where your vehicle is on our Bespoke App Apple or Android App or PC, Get Speeding and poor driving alerts and reports








Other features include

  • Detailed reporting – showing vehicle/s location, start and stop times, Over speed, Idling and Late Start for every journey
  • Driving Style Analysis – Shows how a vehicle is being driven – Harsh braking – Hard Acceleration and Fast Cornering
  • Multi-Platform – Can be used on any PC with internet access, no software needed as its web based or via our bespoke App’s available in the app store
  • TFL Camera, Disruption and Traffic Overlay
  • User friendly mapping tools – shows map as street view – satellite or Birdseye 3D view
  • Driver ID – shows which driver is driving what vehicle **
  • System Training
  • Journey Trail – Route Vehicle was driven
  • Cost Per Mile / Journey
  • APPLE & Android Apps
  • Geofence Alerts – Will show if a vehicle has been taken aboard or into a restricted pre-defined area
  • User Defined POI Database
  • Multi-Level User Log-In
  • Remote Immobilisation** A simple text will prevent the vehicle from starting
  • Road Speed database** Advance speeding report showing a vehicle speed in relation to the roads speed limit

for more information http://www.fleettrackers.co.uk/

Installation cost £115 per vehicle, please note some hybrid vehicle we can not immobilise


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