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Posted on by Spencer Gruskin

Do you know where vehicle is right now, a vehicle is stolen in the UK every minute.

EIS are an approved installer and supplier and can fit SmarTrack’s Stolen Vehicle Recovery Products (SVRS) now recognised as the market leader in Insurance approved vehicle tracking systems throughout the UK for ‘Thatcham Accredited’ stolen vehicle trackers and asset location solutions. “Thatcham Accreditation is the certification mark of Thatcham MIRRC“.

The company’s reputation for delivering high quality vehicle tracking systems on time and on budget has led to a meteoric rise; unrivalled anywhere in the GPS Vehicle tracking industry. Add efficiency, honesty and award-winning customer service and you have nothing less than the industry’s Best of Breed.

The SmarTrack secure tracker control centre is continually staffed…is your fleet manager available 24 hours? Stolen Vehicle Recovery as standard with SmarTrack SmarTrack Fleet

Protector Pro +

utilises satellite based GPS for Vehicle location. This enables the 24hr Secure Operating Centre to pinpoint your Vehicles exact location within seconds. GSM technology is employed to communicate with the SmarTrack Protector Pro system.

The Protector Pro offers the features listed below:

Thatcham Approved TQA 065
• Ideal for all Cars and Vans
• Monitored 24 hours a day
• Battery Disconnect Alert
• Movement Sensor Alert
• Insurance Approved
• Fully Transferable
• Covert black box
• 3 year warranty

Do you have a fleet of van and need to see where they are then Smartrack Fleet is the way forward, with web based software to track your entire fleet with a one off payment for all year round monitoring. Access your fleet anytime or day with a pc or smart phone

The SmarTrack Fleet offers the features listed below:

  • See your asset live in the office or mobile by PC – MAC – Android
  • Thatcham Approved TQA104 (with Monitoring)
  • Monitored 24 hours a day (with Monitoring)
  • Battery Disconnect Alert (with Monitoring)
  • Movement Sensor Alert (with Monitoring)
  • Low Battery text Alert (with Monitoring)
  • Insurance discounts (with Monitoring)
  • Fully Transferable
  • Covert black box
  • 3 year warranty (expendable to 12 years at extra charges)
  • 12 and 24 volt HGV compatible

    For other tracking services available at Essential Install Services

  • Caravan
  • Maxi ( for JCB, Diggers, Heavy Plant Vehicles )
  • Mototrack (Motorcycle tracking )
  • Trident ( Moniter live assets on your pc)
  • U-Track (Family Tracking via your pc & smart phone )

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