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Insurance Black Box Fitting

Have you received your insurance black box in the post but don’t want to fit it, not sure how to install it, dont have the correct tools, we can help


At EIS we can install your insurance box correctly and safely, often young drivers are required to have a black box fitted to lower the insurance premium, but to keep your car insurance cheap your required to install your own insurance black box, if the box isn’t installed correctly the box can transmit incorrect data to the insurance company in most cases showing the driver as driving poorly , this is due to

  • poor signal due to a metal bonnet
  • loose box due to no place to mount the box securely
  • connecting to the wrong power points
  • unit damaged from heat of the engine


Most boxes are required to be connected to the car battery, but not all cars have batteries within easy access due to battery mounted far back under the bonnet , some batteries have a small explosive charge designed to disconnect the battery in a accident , so if you dont fancy stripping a car down or a small explosion give EIS a call





We have fitted boxes for Co-op, Hastings, Autosaints, Drive Like a Girl, Shelias Wheels, Admiral, Sky, Think,  Octo, Tescos and many more


From £30 per installation


Install takes approx 30 minutes


All installs are fitted to meet manufacturers warranty specifications and installed to MPT standards





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