Fleet / Personal Trackers inc 1 years subscription

£250.00 £195.00

Supplied and fitted inc vat and the first years subscription

Product Description

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Our fleet / personal  tracking units are ideal for location your vehicles, these can be used for companies needing to monitor a fleet of vehicles or parents wanting to know where their children are day and night or keeping an eye on your pride and joy





  • Detailed reporting – showing vehicle/s location, start and stop times, Over speed, Idling and Late Start for every journey
  • Driving Style Analysis – Shows how a vehicle is being driven – Harsh braking – Hard Acceleration and Fast Cornering
  • Multi-Platform – Can be used on any PC with internet access, no software needed as its web based or via our bespoke App’s available in the app store
  • TFL Camera, Disruption and Traffic Overlay
  • User friendly mapping tools – shows map as street view – satellite or Birdseye 3D view
  • Driver ID – shows which driver is driving what vehicle **
  • System Training
  • Nationwide Installation
  • Speeding Alerts to apple iphones and apple iwatch**
  • Journey Trail – Route Vehicle was driven
  • Cost Per Mile / Journey
  • Text Alerts**
  • APPLE & Android Apps
  • Geofence Alerts – Will show if a vehicle has been taken aboard or into a restricted pre-defined area
  • User Defined POI Database
  • Multi-Level User Log-In
  • Remote Immobilisation** A simple text will prevent the vehicle from starting
  • Road Speed database** Advance speeding report showing a vehicle speed in relation to the roads speed limit

We also off a option to rent our units with free unit and free fitting T&C apply







Subscription after the first year is £100

** Requires additional costs or parts





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