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Vehicle DVR Camera Systems

Its possible to Connect up to 8 cameras with audio and video with the our latest AHD dvr system.  AHD 1080 and 720 resolution provides high quality recorded images for playback either via the provided software or straight from the device if connected to a monitor.  The DVR is supplied with a 1TB hard disk but can supports hard drives up to 2 TB 2.5″ Sata either solid state or traditional hard disc drive.

An SD card slot is present which can take up to 64GB Class 10 to mirror recordings to act as a failsafe in the unlikely event of hard drive failure.  The SD card slot mirror function can be set to record to lower quality video to increase storage capacity.

The removable hard drive tray is built with dampeners to withstand low impacts and vibration. The tray is locked into position rendering the hard drive tamper proof.  There is a USB connection on the rear of the tray to connect to a computer with the provided USB A-B cable, no need to purchase a separate docking station. Optional tray-less version for a smaller DVR unit

Recorded data is automatically re-written once storage has become full by default, this can be changed in the system settings.  Three recording modes, power-on, timer and alarm mode. LED status lights displayed on the front of the device give information on recording and hard drive failure. As well as on screen information for the driver.

Eight alarm triggers can be independently set to either start recording or to active screen preview of certain channels. The triggers are units to charge  the image on the monitor when a indicator is used to display the corresponding turning image , or a vehicle is in reverse to display the rear image or a door is open to show a load area


Our standard system comes with

  • 4 x channel AHD MINI solid state DVR
  • 1 x forward facing HD camera
  • 2 x side HD night vision cameras
  • 1 x rear heavy duty HD night vision camera
  • 7″ LCD colour monitor
  • shut down timer so the DVR will continue recording for a user defined time, ideal for when a vehicle is loading
  • GPS google mapping overlay on the playback software
  • optional system upgrade to 6 and 8 cameras












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