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Brigade Sidescan sensor system complete with up to 8 ultrasonic sensors and available in 12-24 volts. This system can be fitted to freight, waste, bus, coach, specialist vehicles and vans. The Brigade Sidescan system is fitted to the left of the vehicle to remove the nearside blind spot where there may be pedestrians and cyclists. This is especially important for those driving through the London area where there is a high concentrate of accidents involving cyclists. The system can be link to a left turn alarm / back chat and is Crossrail Compliant for F.O.R.S SILVER and F.O.R.S GOLD 

  • 3 or 4 or full length sensor system
  • Underslung or flush mount sensors
  • 1.0 or 1.5m detection range
  • Two levels of detection sensitivity
  • System activated below designated speed**
  • System activated by turn indicator
  • External speaking alarm with side turn warning for cyclists/pedestrians

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