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Van Alarm Upgrade – Autowatch 695 RLC

Posted on by Spencer Gruskin



Ideal for

  • Ford Transit
  • Ford Connect
  • Ford Courier
  • Mercedes Sprinter
  • Vauxhall Vivaro
  • Renault Master

Other vans available


The Autowatch 695CAN alarm is a Thatcham approved CAT 2-1upgrade alarm system, designed to be used on full CAN Bus, semi CAN Bus or conventional wiring systems. The 695CAN alarm can be fitted to any compatible new  vehicle that requires an alarm.

This system is designed to be easily operated from the vehicles original remote controls without the use of an additional remote control. However, if your vehicle has only one remote control supplied as standard, adding an additional Autowatch remote control will prove more cost effective than buying an original remote control.



What is CAN BUS?

CAN Bus is a data communications protocol where data is used to control and monitor the functionality of control systems on modern vehicles. CAN which stands for “Controller Area Network” is now being used by many vehicle manufacturers to increase reliability, reduce costs of components, reduce power consumption, reduce weight therefore offering better fuel consumption and for improved vehicle diagnostics.

Why Install a CAN BUS Alarm?

With vehicles becoming more difficult for thieves to steal, they are now breaking in, to steal accessories such as navigation systems, mobile phones and car-kits, radar detectors, stereos and any other items that they may find valuable. Most people assume that because they can lock their car with a remote, they automatically have an alarm system. This is not the case. From 1997, an EU law was passed to make the fitting of an immobiliser, mandatory. However this was not applicable to alarm systems. More than 75% of vehicles sold, do not come with an alarm as standard. So, the onus of securing the vehicle is your responsibility. The Autowatch 695 CASN alarm system is insurance approved. Most insurance companies now require a Thatcham approved alarm and may offer you a discount for having an approved system fitted.








Protection for

  • Bonnet, boot or doors
  • Breaking a window and leaning in to remove  any contents
  • Disconnecting the siren o
  • Cutting your battery power supply (it has it’s own battery back up)
  • Attempting to hot-wire your vehicle

Optional extras

  • Hardwired PIR for the rear section for Vans with bulkheads
  • Side door high position switch / anti-fold switch
  • Pager output to connect to a wireless pager device or one a trackers for notification of alarm activation
  • Window closure module
  • Microwave sensor
  • Operation via Autowatch Remote
  • Double Lock (Deadlock output)
  • Additional sensors
  • Wireless P.I.R Sensor
  • Wireless Reed Switch
  • Extra Autowatch remote control compatible (Up to 6 maximum remotes / wireless sensors)
  • Anti-jack sensor
  • Dual zone proximity sensor



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