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starline i96 immobiliser

Posted on by Spencer Gruskin


StarLine i96  FROM £450


StarLine i96 is an intelligent immobiliser system —

the embodiment of the very latest vehicle anti-theft technologies based on extensive research of the prevailing trends in automotive crime on a global scale,

the comfort and security needs of the modern user, and the complicated nature of modern vehicles’ on-board electronics.
State-of-the-art patented technologies used in this product offer a unique mix of proven and reliable ‘old-school‘ (analogue) algorithms combined

with the latest contemporary digital solutions – resulting in a cutting-edge super-product designed to ensure that nothing is left to chance.

StarLine i96 is designed to protect the vehicle against unauthorised use by blocking it’s engine, both –
in-motion (conditional anti-hijack) and whilst parked.
Interfaces: 3xCAN, BluetoothSmart, microUSB.
Owner authentication: StarLine smart tag, personal smartphone, PIN code via OEM dash
buttons (any combination).
Engine immobilisation: CAN-BUS, standard analogue, wireless analogue.

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